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Moderator: Hey Darren and welcome to the Access All Areas.net.au chat room, I think I speak for everyone here when I say we looooooove the new album! So how have things been for you?

Darren Hayes: Its been great
Darren Hayes: Its been a real pleasure

Moderator: You have been interviewed recently for local mags and papers about your personal life which has musically culmininated in your latest CD, do you have more to give for a further album in the future from your past life experiences?
Darren Hayes: promoting a record that I feel so proud of
Darren Hayes: not that Ive been proud of the past ones but this one is more personal
Darren Hayes: I feel more comforatable in my skin

Moderator: Are there any people who really inspire you - either with your music or in other areas of your life?

Darren Hayes: Do you know what I say this all the time
Darren Hayes: My sister is probably one my few role models
Darren Hayes: she represents the power of committment
Darren Hayes: professionally I look up to people like Madonna, Bono and David Bowie - people who constantly evolve

Moderator: <ema> What the next single will be and what about the synopsis of the video? Thanks and thanks for a spectacular album! Wish someday you might come back to Italy cuz We miss you and your music! God bless you!

Darren Hayes: lol I love Italy so Im sure I will come back soon
Darren Hayes: the next single is definately Darkness
Darren Hayes: and shooting the video in LA next week
Darren Hayes: with Pollish brothers like twin falls idaho
Darren Hayes: concept is a moving verstion of the photo shoot we did for the album

Moderator: When you're stressed, what do you do to chill out?

Darren Hayes: I love to get a massage
Darren Hayes: its one of the few luxuries that Ive really started to enforce upon myself the harder I geet
Darren Hayes: into the work routine I tend to forget to unwind so massage helps
Darren Hayes: and also obviously yoga

Moderator: <jay_jay> Hi Darren! How you going? lol....Well, first off I just have to say a million thank yous. Through your music you've helped me more than you'll ever know. I'm just wondering....since this is your most personal album so far, do you feel more nervous when you're performing these songs as opposed to songs from Spin or from Savage Garden?

Darren Hayes: No I think it makes it easier
Darren Hayes: that the albums more personal because I dont have anything to hide Im not concerned what people think of me anymore
Darren Hayes: I definately feel more comfortable in my skin with this record

Moderator: What's the biggest hurdle you've faced, and how did you handle it?

Darren Hayes: Biggest Hurdle...
Darren Hayes: you know I think Im still facing it
Darren Hayes: Its called life
Darren Hayes: everydays an adventure
Darren Hayes: I think on this album I publicly talk about family struggles
Darren Hayes: Every day though is about finding blessings, and obstacles and being gratefull to the small things in life
Darren Hayes: trying to find the good thing in everything is what I try to find in my life

Moderator: Do you think this CD will finally help cleanse the "lost feelings" you have mentioned in interviews and you can really move on?

Darren Hayes: Yeah
Darren Hayes: lets hope
Darren Hayes: You know I am definately ummm...
Darren Hayes: Im definately somebody who believes in the power of forgivenes
Darren Hayes: and the power of moving on
Darren Hayes: Im a realist as well - life is about trials and tribulatiosn
Darren Hayes: i think if life were calm and drama free that would be unrealistic to expect
Darren Hayes: I look at life as an adventure
Darren Hayes: making this record was very cleansing and freeing experience for me, to address a lot of negative emotions and turn them into positive
Darren Hayes: Im sure I will keep involving - they were a part of me once and always will be.

Moderator: DanielJones> #accessallareas Hi Darren! PLEASEEEEEEEEE Answer this!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you be coming to Vancouver,
Moderator: B.C.,Canada again??? The last time you were here was in 1997!! Thanks. Hope Daniel still has hsi Meg Ryan Autographed picture Love ya always.. biggest fan in Vancouver for the last ten years.. Nickyxoxoxox

Darren Hayes: Look I love Canada
Darren Hayes: Daniel Jones loves Canada
Darren Hayes: we love canada
Darren Hayes: I always want to go everywhere but sometimes its up to the record company
Darren Hayes: no matter how much I want to .. im going to be in montreal in a few weeks. If the record is promoted and succeeds, thanks for your sweet message and I am sure Daniel still has his autographed Meg Ryan picture cause he's still obsessed!

Moderator: <Laurie> We, the fans, have spent so much time discussing just what your new music is, and even though many of us don't support the idea of theory behind labelling creativity, I was wondering.. if you had to, how would you classify your new work?

Darren Hayes: I think its experimental
Darren Hayes: I think its electronic
Darren Hayes: I think its monic
Darren Hayes: I still think its pop music
Darren Hayes: I think we're heading into a new phase of music where its so intertwined - a lot of chategorisation doesnt apply
Darren Hayes: a point in case the music of Nelly Furtado
Darren Hayes: what is that - is it pop, is it folk, is it hip hop
Darren Hayes: what is it? But if I had to be specific some of the things I just described would be my new sound.

Moderator: Do you have a life motto, or guiding philosophy?

Darren Hayes: I have many
Darren Hayes: you know theories and thoughts about life
Darren Hayes: if I had to boil down to one concept it would be karma
Darren Hayes: i try really hard to understand the flow of negative and positive in life
Darren Hayes: you can choose to see the gift and some see the curse
Darren Hayes: thats the short answer to what I believe about life <

Moderator: <Alycia> Hello! Darren if you could have any other job in the world, what would it be? Would you stay a performer or get your degree in education? Thanks, luv from Alycia

Darren Hayes: Umm...
Darren Hayes: you know Id really love to be involved in film production in some ways
Darren Hayes: be behind the scenes instead of the performer
Darren Hayes: I get to see so much because of what I do now
Darren Hayes: to me its really creative jobs, dont really involve always being the centre of attention that would be fun
Darren Hayes: I can never see myself being a teacher again but wouldnt mind a degree to put next to my gold records
Darren Hayes: that would be fun

Moderator: <CindyMarHo> Darren, this is Cindy from Texas...You began learning how to play the guitar...have you kept up with the lessons?

Darren Hayes: I got bored
Darren Hayes: I moved on to Piano
Darren Hayes: I used to play guitar really badly
Darren Hayes: but now I play Piano badly
Darren Hayes: I know enough just to write my songs
Darren Hayes: I use instrument as a basic tool - I usually let others play them on stage and on my records.

Moderator: <Laura_sg> Darren, are there any chances of you doing a duet with anyone like Delta Goodrem, or Amy Lee? Also are you ever going to perform again with Daniel as Savage Garden?

Darren Hayes: I would never say never to all of those things
Darren Hayes: short answer no immediate plans but Delta is a good friend of mine and we've definately experimented in the studio together
Darren Hayes: who knows what comes of it
Darren Hayes: but Daniel - never say never, I think I am still early in my solo career at the moment.

Moderator: <IMAOK4DH> Is there anywhere you still want to go in the world that you haven't gone to? Thanks! ~Rache Boston, USA

Darren Hayes: I wanna go to Israel
Darren Hayes: would love to go to Israel - always been fascinated with the biblical history
Darren Hayes: also like to goto Egypt
Darren Hayes: Always wanted to go to those two places and I am sure I will

Moderator: <Lissangeli> Hola Darren from all your fans in Perú, South America. I don't have a question but Would you please send a message to your fans in Peru. Thanks. xx Monica

Darren Hayes: lol
Darren Hayes: well hello everyone in Peru
Darren Hayes: how are you
Darren Hayes: wish I could come there - love latin culture and the south Americas
Darren Hayes: request my song, play my video - maybe you'll hear me on the radio

Moderator: This is often asked of singers, do you listen to your own CDs? lol

Darren Hayes: I definately listen to this one
Darren Hayes: first album I ever really played a lot I can almost disconnect myself from it
Darren Hayes: Its very magical

Moderator: Is the cover art for TTATS an inside joke, or are we supposed to get
Moderator: some meaning from it?

Darren Hayes: Theres definately no joke
Darren Hayes: a very heart felt serios record
Darren Hayes: the art and shoot is all related
Darren Hayes: and meant to tell a story
Darren Hayes: usually videos, shoots and all that is used as a gratifying ego of an artist and making the artist look like an attractive product, I wanted to come across as a story teller, I wanted it to be as interesting and intriguing as the music so thats the point.

Moderator: <gracie32> Hi Darren Gracie from Canada. All us Canadians are excited about the release of TTATS in Canada next week. And we hear you are gonna come over to Canada for a bit of promo. Will you also comes over to do a few concerts across Canada in the new year?

Darren Hayes: Look as I said befoer
Darren Hayes: Id love to
Darren Hayes: Canada was always a success for some strange reason never worked for my first solo album.. you're cruising for a bruisin, Hayesy is gonna come and stalk you lol


Darren Hayes: Umm
Darren Hayes: I love Australia
Darren Hayes: I am just lucky that my job lets me live in other countries
Darren Hayes: its a wonderful experience, gave me a broader view of the world
Darren Hayes: I am sure one day I would love to come back permanantly to australia
Darren Hayes: in fact I am here while I speak to you
Darren Hayes: Ive always wanted to be a singer - never been a question
Darren Hayes: Never knew it could be a career when I was 5 and when I was like 17 or 18 I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life

Moderator: <bluebunny> Hi Darren! Was the under use of your beautiful falsetto a concious decision for this album?

Darren Hayes: Yes
Darren Hayes: It wasnt a decision not to use it but it was a decision to use other ranges of my voice
Darren Hayes: lower keys, more full body vocal performances
Darren Hayes: I think that was in keeping the vibe and instyle of the record - it talks about depth, darkness and I think that the voice needed to reflect that.

Moderator: <MissRoseDarrensAngel> What is the best bit of advice you've ever given your nieces & nephews?

Darren Hayes: When you grow up you can be anything you want

Moderator: <sapphiresuzi> I recently saw footage of u singing with pavarotti it sent shivers through me how did it feel to sing with him also iread u do yoga how does it help u . always use your gift to the best of your ability and never give up love suzi

Darren Hayes: Singing with Pavaroti was similatinously entertaining and terrifyingh
Darren Hayes: he is a very classicaly trained singer and I was completely opposite, over last three or four year I only just started singing lessons so it was one big compliment that he liked my voice and he had a lot of faith in me... I loved the experience it was wonderful.. Yoga calms me down makes me listen tomy heart and my inner voice a little more that I do in my day to day life.. so its like a meditation thing for me with yoga

Moderator: <xxcoveredindarkness> Just another question.. what is your message to those who are desperately trying to make it in the music biz?

Darren Hayes: Be careful what you wish for
Darren Hayes: you just might get it!

Moderator: <Laura_sg> Darren are songs like Truly, Madly, Deeply and I Miss You about different people or the same person? Love Laura

Darren Hayes: Different people

Moderator: <Laurie> With the way things are going with Propellerheads, Massive Attack and Goldfrappe being used in advertisements, could you see your music as the background of a commercial? If so, what product would you like to endorse?

Darren Hayes: I dont think its about endorsing a product
Darren Hayes: I think its about getting paid to make music
Darren Hayes: so if someone wants to use my songs to sell something then go for it
Darren Hayes: At the end of the day its hard to sell music cause people aren't buying cds much anymore, like I did in the popular video to get my music heard.

Moderator: <EmLittrell> Hello there Darrennn. I'm Emily from America. : ) I heard you took a screenwriting class and writing your own screenplay or script. If so, do you have a plot for it, and/or what's it called?

Darren Hayes: hmmm
Darren Hayes: Hello Emily
Darren Hayes: let me clarify something about the us now ive got your attention
Darren Hayes: definately releasing the album next year and every other territory - dont worry if its not there yet, just concentrating on one half of the world yet
Darren Hayes: Yes its happening next year, Screenwriting course loved it and amazing....
Darren Hayes: with the screenplays was being done at the same time of writing this record so it was all quite personal, relationship based, heavy, and dark - and no titles as yet. No idea if I am going to actually make them, just a fun process to go through.

Moderator: <|MiDnIgHt|> Hey Darren Just Wondering What Your Plans For The Future are like are you gonna continue with music or settle down

Darren Hayes: continue making music this is part 1 of a 2 part process

Moderator: <DanielJones> SERIOUS QUESTION: I suffered through Anorexia last year. Your music made an impression on my heart and inspired me to not give up. You speak through music and reach the hearts of strangers. Its incredible. Thankyou Darren for being there through song when I felt like letting go. XOX DotDaniel

Darren Hayes: Ill be touring the album then get back in the studio - in process of moving to New York City
Darren Hayes: and want to get into musicals
Darren Hayes: do a play and then reinvent myself again

Moderator: Unfortunately we have to wrap things up but thanks Darren for taking the time to chat with us this afternoon and good luck with the album and look forward to hearing a lot more from you

Darren Hayes: Can I say a big thankyou for everyone who waited around and chatted with me today - I have really enjoyed it... and I love everybody and appreciate your support and hope I get to see you in person very soon!
Darren Hayes: Big Love
Darren Hayes: D
Darren Hayes: xx

Thanks to Kay Hayes of Planet Darren and to Lyn