Headline: "Savage's split sent me loopy"

Former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes was so bored by life as a solo artist that he ended up seeing a therapist. The multi-million selling Australian artist, whose band sold 25 million records included top 5 hit Truly Madly Deeply went to the shrink after issuing his album Spin. "I got bored with myself, I got bored with pop music. I stupidly thought no-one wanted to listen to what I had to say on a really deep level. It sounds very LA, but I had a lot of therapy. I analysed where I'd come from, my past, my childhood. I looked at experiences I've had in my job. I was paying the guy $100 a week to sit on the couch and talk about my life." The move pushed the 32 year old singer-songwriter back into the studio to make a second solo album. But the therapy made it so personal that he considered releasing The Tension and the Spark, due out in August, under an alias. "I thought I'd have to put it out under an assumed name, like Damon Albarn did with Gorillaz. I joked it could have been called Freudian because its self analytical, but not so much that the average person can't relate to it. I have been blessed and cursed with the ability to really express myself. I'm a very sensitive and emotionally articulate person. Last time I made an album I didn't dig deep. Savage Garden's biggest hits were very sincere love songs. That's what people expected from me and I didn't realise that. Making this record I went into the back of my mind and was almost apologising for it." The first single from the new CD, Popular, is about the world's obsession with fame. "It's saying I'm willing to sleep my way to the top," said Darren. "The lyrics are everything I don't stand for. It's easy to become famous so I use the tools that everybody does in the video." That includes dancers in gold bikinis - but Darren won't be one of them. He assures me he plans to stick to his Billabong shorts.