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NEWS ALERT ! - MARRIAGE ANNOUNCEMENT from Darren - July 17th 2006
On June 19th 2006 Darren married his boyfriend of two years, Richard,
in a Civil Partnership ceremony in London
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As one half of multi-platinum selling duo Savage Garden, Darren Hayes was no stranger to the slightly cheesy love ballad. But with the release of his more experimental second solo album, he's determined that gay audiences will soon be quite literally begging for him...

Why have you changed? Is it a different ‘you', less radio-friendly?
No, I was just really bored of myself. And I think I felt disappointed and disillusioned with the music scene.
You're doing lots of gay things now, aren't you?
We did Heaven.
And G-A-Y. And you're doing Manchester Pride.
Apparently I am. It's funny, it's actually hard to get onto these things. London Pride, I don't know if they thought I was gay enough or hip enough, whatever you have to be to be on there, but we couldn't get onto that one.
Did that hurt your feelings?
No, I just thought you wait and see, you'll be begging for me.
Did you think ‘I've got to gay this shit up a bit'?
God, I'm sure I have.
What, gayed it up?
I'm sure my whole career has been quite camp in some ways. I mean, come on, it's showbiz! This is possibly the most camp thing I've ever done actually, this record.
So how come you're doing the gay stuff when you haven't done it before?
Because I think with this record I can. For one, I think it's a really cool record. And I think that in the past I've been marketed to whatever the mainstream was, and anytime I wanted to do anything alternative, whether it's gay or whether it's doing a festival, no-one's ever put Darren Hayes and any of those things in the same basket together. And certainly being marketed to a gay audience or even having exposure with a gay audience is something that I think people have been terrified for me to do in the past.
Well, because there's the fear that if you dare to perform to the gays that, are you gay and therefore, did you just alienate a whole section of the market? And you know me, I don't even think about sexuality anyway, when it comes to me being a performer. And I think it started to bother me that there was a whole audience that I was never really being aggressively marketed to.

Are you just using us?

That's the feeling I had on stage in Heaven, and it's interesting ‘cause during the first song, I think that was the sentence in most people's minds, it was like, ‘Are you just using us?' Whereas I think we were just celebrating, I think it felt really hip. It was one of the hippest, coolest things I've ever done. I didn't know people went on stage after 1am. Apparently, they do. But it was great and they just got it, they got the jokes, they got the irony. I'm sure a lot of people watch the video and think ‘what's going on?' But onstage in Heaven when they pulled out the sequinned blow-dryers, I think no-one batted an eyelid.
So you're not nervous about speaking to the gay press, because you've always held your cards close to your chest haven't you?
I think everyone else has always been nervous about me speaking to the gay press. You know me, I think I'm pretty naïve...

Did they think you were going to get talked into saying stuff that you didn't really want to say?

I think everyone's always concerned. I'm sure on some level there's some unwritten, very un-PC rule that if you sell records to girls, then you don't want to go to the gay media.
Are you never going to do power ballads again?
I'm sure the answer to that is I will never, ever. I've changed.
Why did you stop dying your hair and plucking your eyebrows?
You know, I think I only ever plucked them in the 90s. It's bad; everybody should just stop! It's just a bad look.
What about those crazy eyebrows everyone gets?
Oh, they just pull those out. I admit to those being forcibly removed.
Are there any other areas where hair gets forcibly removed?
No, I'm all hairy and proud of it.
Do you go to the gym a lot?
Can't you tell? Yeah, I do.
Do you have a good body image?
Yeah, I think finally I do.
What needs work?

My love of carbohydrates probably. I really love food and I'm 32 and I'm aware of what I have to do when I put a record out – eating a certain way and going to the gym. In-between records, I love putting on weight.
What's your best bit?
I think I have nice eyes, I don't have a problem with saying that. I don't feel like I could say, ‘Wow! My biceps are nice!' There are bits that other people say are nice. You need to ask them!