Transcript of interview with Ricardo from BRMB Radio - June 11th 2004

Ricardo- I thought Iíd ring up Darren, er, on the show today. Darren and I are good friends like that. I thought Iíd phone him up today and say thank you very much, so weíve got Darren Hayes on the line. Hello Darren.

Darren- How are you?

R- Iím fine and how are you?

D- Iím absolutely thrilled to be talking to you.

R- Do you know what weíre thrilled to be talking to you as well because youíre coming to PITP which is great news

D- Oh yeah, Iím really excited about it. I did it a couple of years ago and it was a blast and lo and behold youíve invited me back and Iím thrilled.

R- If I remember right you went down very, very well. They loved you.

D- You know what Iím gonna agree with you there. Hehehe. No, it was an awesome audience, I have to say, you can tell, you know and I would tell you the truth sometimes Iím not great sometimes Iím alright and itís the audience thatís incredible, it makes all the difference and they were so wonderful so Iím really looking forward to seeing everybody again.

R- OK, I came to see you in Wolverhampton when you played at the Civic Hall and you played a brilliant gig and you are so good live and Iím not just saying that.

D- Awww

R- It was a really good gig and as you say PITP rocked when you were here two years ago

D- No, itís really great energy and Iím really glad to be a part of it.

R- Youíre gonna love where it is this year. Itís actually in a park this year for a change.

D- *chuckles* Really?

R- In a beautiful park called Cannon Hill Park, right next to a lake, the sun is going to shine.

D- Let me just write that down so I make sure I go to the right place.

R- Yes.

D- Right, got it.

R- Weíll come and pick you up

D- Cool

R- Donít worry about that. You get to the airport, weíll pick you up from there, alright?

D- Awesome.

R- What have you been up to? Youíve not released anything for a while, have you?

D- Iíve got a brand new album that comes out actually, September sixth, and Iíve been recording for over a year. The first single actually comes out in August so Iím think Iím gonna play it actually for you guys on stage at PITP.

R-I hope so.

D- So Iím real excited.

R- Popular?

D- Itís called Popular

R- OK, Iím trying to get a copy of it, weíve not got a copy here.

D- *cheeky laugh*

R- But if we get a copy before the end of the show today then I will play it.

D- Awesome.

R- Weíre working on it.

D- AlrightÖitís all a little secret isnít it?

R- Yeah. I donít know if we can play it but Claire from Sony is trying to get a copy of it.

D- Awesome

R- Bless her. So youíve been busy, busy writing.

D- I have, I actually worked with a lot of English people, I worked with Mark Stent and Marios De Vries and theyíre both people who have done records with Bjork and Madonna so itís a really interesting record for me. Itís a very personal record; itís called The Tension And The Spark and Iím so excited to get it out there and tour. I think even it could be October. Itís not official but I think weíre looking at touring here in October.

R- I hope sp

D- Yeah Iím thrilled.

R- Thatíll be good. All you songs are quite emotional I mean we play Insatiable all the time on work place anthems here because we get people to request songs and theyíre always requesting that tune.

D- Well, the first single is a bit cheeky actually, from the record

R- Is it?

D- But when you hear it youíll get what I mean. Itís quite a, quite a funny commentary on what it takes to get to the top these days.

R- Weíll try and play it before I go at four oíclock this afternoon.

D- Alright then.

R- Darren, thank you very, very much for agreeing to come to PITP.

D- My pleasure

R- We look forward to seeing you on the 10th July. Darren Hayes will be thereÖ thank you Darren.

D- Thank You

Thanks to Else for this transcript