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--- TJECK --- SEPTEMBER 9TH 2004

DEEP DARREN - Translation kindly provided by Kenneth

The fun times in Savage Garden are long gone. Back is Darren Hayes with an album that is so naked that it's been recorded in the bedroom.

-By Lise Lillesøe

- Hello, I'm Darren, sounds out a cute brritish voice, as the 32 year old star sits down next to me in the shiny couch in Hotel Marriots luxurios lounge in Copenhagen.

He is wearing a bluestriped shirt and a pair of comfy pants. The hair is quickly styled with a bit of wax. It is not only Darrens relaxed look and direct attitude which separates him from a typical popstar. Instead of recording his new album "The Tension And The Spark" in a professional studio where button can magic with the sound, he chose to do it in the bedroom.

- I wasn't at all in the mood for recordiing, so I had actually planned on taking a couple of years break from the music. But then I got a visit from a friend who's a producer. I couldn't let him sit alone composing. The atmosphere on the album is different and relaxed cos I recorded it at home. And then I had time to experiment

The time in Savage Garden was a lot of fun and games, but on "The Tension And The Spark" the star opens up a whole other side of himself.

- I had imagined it would make you happy to be a popstar. It does - but not for long. With this album I feel I have expressed all the feelings I was keeping inside, and that makes me a whole lot happier.

- I have definitely been far down and my album tells a great deal about that. I simply had to record it. I couldn't keep my feelings back any longer. It all just came out of my mouth. So it had to happen before I could go on with my life.

Yoga as a ritual

Darren has spent a lot of the time after Savage Garden on finding himself, and for that yoga has been the way.

- To me yoga is like a religion cos it giives me so much mentally and makes me relax. This morning I couldn't make it, so I had to sit down in the bath and meditate. It gives me peace and quiet - and clears my head.

It's clear to see that Darren has spent a lot of time on the yoga-mat. He illustratively bends his legs and arms to assume the notorious lotus-position as he gives a little smile.

- It is important for me to do yoga beforre I go on stage. When I'm on tour I always have my yoga-mat and dvd's along. Then I usually get the others from the band in on the idea. When I'm at home in periods I do it six times a week or more, and then it has pretty much become my life.

Darren as a woman

Even though he's sitting with diet coke in his hand and politely saying no to the god-table across from us filled with Danish pastry and cake, it is hard to imagine Darren as a woman. But if he one day had the chance, there's no doubt in his mind about how he'd spend the time.

- I'd get pregnant in a hurry, cos it couuld be so much fun having a baby. And what more would I want to do? Yes! I've got it! I'd go to those "Woman Parties". That sounds like fun.

Darren Hayes has clearly gotten older since Savage Garden, but he hasn't lost his humour during those years. His lively blue eyes suddenly focus on the greasy Danish pastry and he continues philosophically:

- If I was God, I'd make all calorie-bombbs magical. Then you could eat all the cake and pastry and sugar you wanted without gaining weight. No, I'd wish I could make peace on earth.

When time is up Darren Hayes puts down the lowcalorie coke on the new mahoganytable and reaches out and friendly shakes my hand.

- Please help yourself to some cake, sounnds his final remark.

Since Darren unfortunately ain't god, I decide to let the calorie-table stay untouched for the next journalists and I move away from the El Dorado and out into the danish rain.

Darren about his new album

Raw and honest

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