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DARREN Hayes has revealed that the dark side of his new album, The Tension and the Spark, is the result of finally dealing with a troubled childhood affected by alcoholism and domestic violence.

As Hayes was celebrating the No. 3 debut of his new single Popular a satirical look at fame he explained his second solo album was his most personal work.

The track Unlovable deals with his childhood issues and Hayes' subsequent inability to maintain a romantic relationship.

"Out of respect for my family, I have never spoken about my childhood. I never admitted to another human being that I grew up with alcoholism and domestic violence until I was 24 and I told my wife," Hayes told music writer Kathy McCabe.

"But that was one of the driving forces behind me becoming a performer and seeking the kind of love and approval I felt I didn't receive growing up.

"My family are survivors, and I am very proud of my dad and my family for getting through everything," he said.

"I was profoundly affected by my childhood and it was time for me to take responsibility for who I am and deal with that.

"I vented and it was cathartic."

Hayes also said his brief return to Australia to perform a tribute to Delta Goodrem at last year's ARIA awards helped to ease the bitterness he suffered because of the media backlash which greeted the demise of Savage Garden and his debut solo album, Spin.

"I went there for Delta who I had never met before but am now very good friends with but I think the performance humanised me to the people who blamed me for the Savage Garden split," he said.

"It was unexpected goodwill and I am still so very touched by it."

Hayes returns to Australia on September 13 to launchThe Tension and The Spark.


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