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Darren Hayes -Darren, did you go sightseeing when you first came to Moscow two years ago?

- At that time I came to Russia with tourr there was that tragedy with Nord-Ost and my agents didn't let me go out of my hotel. I have a lot of plans now, I love fine arts and I will first go to your famous Tretiakov gallery. By the way, I haven't seen Red Square yet, but I have been dreaming to hear the chime since my childhood.

- Did you want to be a famous singer whenn you were a child?

- Yes, and as you can see my dream came ttrue! I moved from Australia to USA, I have settled in San Francisco and succeeded in life. But you know, I'm not so constant and it wasn't right in San Francisco (laughs). Now I live in New York and I love everything about it - its aura, people, the weather. I believe I will buy a new house in the near future in New York. Then I have to go shopping and look for new furniture and some accessories for the house, but that's great. By the way Moscow remindes me of New York in a way, it has the same energy and spirit, there are huge buildings everywhere, business, lots of theatres - it's an interesting place to live.

- Is it true that all the songs for your new album The Tension And The Spark were written in your bedroom?

-Does it surprise you? If you noticed, I made a very sincere album, all my songs are the story of my life, it's about the meaning of it, about my feelings... The bedroom is a great place to think about all those things, being hidden from the whole world.

- So when have you started to think aboutt the meaning of life?

- To be honest, I felt the difference bettween the world I want to live and the real world when I was at college. When Savage Garden became a successful band I realised that I live in a rough world. And this success gave me the notion about real showbiz, when you have to play a part of someone else, to pretend and even lie to be popular. I had never kept myself within the bounds of show business, I wanted to stay honest with myself and with my fans.

- In your new song Popular you are makingg fun of those people who seek fame. How about you, don't you want to be popular?

- Well I see your question - why do I lauugh at them if I am one of these people? Yeah, I want to be popular, it's a part of my profession. But I do not want to play the game of showbiz, I had never raise a stink, never made friends with other celebrities. You know about my private life exactly as much as I want you to know, don't you? I don't show a play of my private life, I just wish for real love and a family.

- Love and sex - what do they mean for yoou?

- Sex is great, but for me sexual attracttion is just 5 per cent from real love, the rest of 95 are feelings and relationships. Though human nature traps us and people mostly think about making love. I for one really love kissing, but if you're doing that all day long, when do you talk with the girl? (laughs) And how do you know about her sense of humour and intellect? Love is a difficult thing actually, it hurts us often... I had enough pain in my life and I must admit there is no person I would want to be the rest of my life with. But I reassure myself that there are no accidents in life and it's all for the best.

- How do you escape from your sad thoughtts?

- I do yoga and it helps a lot. It helps to relax and to be ready for work.

- Darren, you have said you want to be a father some day...

- I really love kids, but I'm not ready tto have them at this period of my life. Fortunately, my best friend has a baby and I spend much time with him, go for a walk and read him fairy tales. It's an amazing feeling and I will certainly have kids one day.

Source: Hello Magazine Russia 2004

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