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ARTICLE--- AUGUST 17th 2004

By Frodi Holm Knudsen
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If you haven't been living in a soundproof bubble the past 8 years, then you know Darren Hayes' angelic voice although the name might not stir up memories.

Hayes (32) was the main figure in Savage Garden, the australian act, whom in the late 90's sent catching songs out to the whole world and sold no less than 20 million records.

After the breakup of Savage Garden, Darren Hayes released his first solo-album "Spin" in 2002, which sold about 2 million copies worldwide. In Denmark it sold gold.

"It was a happy album, but it didn't make me happy! I went into the studio right about the breakup with Savage Garden and I was on autopilot while making it. That album doesn't touch me emotionally. It was too dishonest," it comes rather surprisingly from Darren Hayes who was visiting Copenhagen yesterday.

After that record he actually didn't want to make any more music. But his fans can be happy that he has changed his mind and in September he's releasing his second solo-album, "The Tension And The Spark".

The musical crisis isn't the only bad thing in Darren Hayes' life. He grew up in Brisbane, Australia, with his big brother and parents. And his home was anything but happy.

"There was violence and alcoholism at my place, so I escaped into the world of daydreams and started performing. I discovered that I could receive love by performing - or at least applause. My unhappy childhood has done so I have had difficulties recieving love. I can give love but the other part I've had to learn."

All this newly discovered is of course helped on its way by Cupids arrows. Darren Hayes has found love. Not the quick, superficial love, but the love where you really can relax in the other persons company and just be yourself with all your baggage - good as well as bad.

However he doesn't want to tell with whom he has found love or whether it's a man or a woman.

"I don't want to be put in a box sexually, so that I won't comment on any further," Darren says secretly.

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