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MX MAGAZINE ARTICLE --- November 2005

Hayes making Garden's Sun shine

Darren Hayes 2005
Savage Garden fans can blame Daniel Jones.

The reason you are hearing Solo Darren Hayes songs at the end of Savage Garden's best of Album is that Jones heart wasn't in it.

Back in the Charts with Solo Single 'So Beautiful', Hayes said 1997's chart-blasting Duo couldn't find a common purpose.

"We spoke about it and in the end it didn't work for him. He just felt he needed more time than two or three months to come up with something that would represent what he is today", Hayes said.

"He's fine with it, it was his choice to let it happen".

Tonight in Melbourne, Hayes will share love-life gossip with close friend Delta Goodrem, whom he feels an affinity with, despite thier 12 year gap.

"I recognize something in her from a public person's point of view", he said.

"This job is an incredible metaphor for being human - you take a crash course in being human".

Truly Madly Completely - The Best Of Savage Garden will be in stores Nov 20th.

Source: MX
Thanks to naffi for article and scan

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