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Savage Garden were together for five years, making music, before Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones split. As members of this Pop Band, they recorded two very successful albums that sold more than 20 million copies of their music, worldwide. I Want You was Savage Garden's first release single. In 1996, the highest selling Australian single was Savage Garden's I Want You. The success of Savage Garden's first album, in 1997, collected numerous awards:

Darren Hayes became part of Savage Garden whe he answered a newspaper ad and auditioined for a band Daniel Jones was in called "Red Edge". At some point the band was called "Crush". Their huge hit "Truly Madly Deeply" was originally called "Magical Kisses". The name "Savage Garden" was inspired by an Ann Rice Novel : "Savage Garden". The pop duo beacame a Trans-Atlantic hit, going Platinum. After thieir 2nd album "Affirmation", Darren and Daniel split and Darren released his solo debut album "Spin". Darren has now released his second solo Album september 13th 2004. The album is titled 'The Tension And The Spark'.


When was the first time you heard yourself on the radio?

Daniel: I was sitting in my car. I knew the song had gone to radio - friends in Melbourne rung and told me they had heard the song on the radio - but I hadn't heard it and I was getting really frustrated. Then, one day I was sitting in my car and it just came on. It was a beautiful feeling.

Darren: I was actually working in a video shop and I was having a really bad day. Then the song just came on the radio and it just made my day. The first time I saw myself on TV I remember I hated it. I think you go through that period where you first hear your voice but I'm over that now. I can hear my voice now - I know what I sound like. So it's not that big a shock to me. But to see myself on TV! I've dealt with that now too. It was like, okay, that's what I look like, all right, I'll deal with that. Everyone else has for 23 years. It was the first time I realized what I looked like in 3D.

November 2005 - In an article posted in Music Network, on the eve of the band's world-wide Greatest Hits album, 'Truly, Madly, Completely: The Best of Savage Garden', manager John Woodruff spilled the beans - the entire TRUE story of the duo's split which, by media reports, was a lot more dramatic than it really was.

Before we get in to the explanation, we should point out that Savage Garden are still very much in demand with their Greatest Hits album already close to shipping platinum status (70,000 copies) in Australia and over 750,000 throughout the rest of the world!

In the article, Woodruff reveals:

"At the conclusion of the recording of Savage Garden's second album, 'Affirmation', Daniel, having considered everything carefully, which he has always done, started saying to both myself and Darren that he was really having problems with some parts of the actual business of being a star."

"He found a lot of the attitudes around the music business on the whole false. More than that he didn't feel quite right about the adulation afforded to him by some of the fan base, having never actually met most of them in person. At the same time he pointed out that the business had been more than kind to him, as had the fans, and further that he loved writing and producing the music, but being on the road was becoming a pain in the ar*e. In particular Daniel made it clear that he was not at all comfortable doing press and TV interviews. In short he was considering calling it a day and simply writing, recording and producing music."

On the other hand Darren who was, quite rightly, enormously excited by the way the album had turned out, felt that the two of them had much further to go, and asked him to stay, at least until they had finished the tour on "Affirmation". In fact Darren even offered to do most of the press on his own, whilst for obvious reasons Daniel would have to keep performing live and on TV. This should not be interpreted as laying blame or otherwise at any one individual's feet, it was simply both guys being, as they had always been, completely honest with each other about how they felt.

"After almost a year of trying to explain to the media where the other half of the duo was, etc., the explanation of illness or incapacity became a little thin. The label was starting to wonder if all was well and Darren was starting to push, although at that stage rather nervously, towards his own post-Savage Garden solo career. For contractual reasons all three of us agreed, perhaps for three different reasons, that we would not announce that Savage Garden had actually gone their seperate ways until it was a "given"."

"When Darren finished his first solo album, he was enormously excited about the result, as were we both. In his haste to play it to a 'friend' in the media, and convince him that he was serious about his own solo career, Darren confided that in fact he and Daniel had 'broken up'. I hasten to point out that it was and still is typical of Darren's attractive personality that he was naive enough to believe that you could ever confide in a 'friend from the media'. Naturally the individual involved couldn't wait to get out of the studio in San Francisco and get it on the wire back to Australia. Equally naturally, when confronted by a TV crew at his front door at 7am that morning and having been given no warning whatsoever about the 'confidential' discussion, Daniel, as agreed, denied all knowledge of the break-up. The media took up the chase and it seems it is still on."

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Darren Hayes describes his Savage Garden years as "such a happy and beautiful experience of my life". "I was so proud last week," Hayes says. "I got an e-mail from Daniel who said 'congrats on making the album you've always wanted to make'."

When Savage Garden came to an end, Hayes says he gave up trying to explain to people that the creative boys from Logan were still friends. "It's difficult when you leave a known entity. It's like a public divorce really, and the kids never want to see the parents apart," he says. "But throughout it all, we have the utmost respect for each other. His opinion is still the one that makes my knees shake. If I don't know what Daniel thinks of my record, I don't know if it's good. "He's just like my big brother in some ways."

And there are some things that he can still learn from "big brother" Jones, who lives in Brisbane with his fiancée, Hi-5 star Kathleen de Leon, a performer who Hayes says is a far bigger celebrity than either Savage Garden member to many young Australians. "I don't always want to be this busy. I think Daniel has the right idea," Hayes says. "And when I'm ready to do that, I would want to come home." Source: The Courier-Mail Australia. 8/20/04

September 17th 2005


OUT ON OCTOBER 31ST (outside North America)

With sales of over 23 million, Savage Garden are one of the most successful duos of all time. Four years after parting company to pursue their own music careers, 'Truly Madly Completely - The Best Of Savage Garden' celebrates the time they spent together and is jam packed with their mega hits.

With unforgettable lyrics and killer choruses, Savage Garden wrote, produced and performed a seemingly endless string of hits, re-inventing the pop world with their authentic style and undeniable talent.

Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones released their eponymous debut album in 1997 and within just a few short months had taken the world by storm. Spawning three global hits: ‘I Want You’ ,‘To The Moon And Back’ and the record-breaking ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ (which topped the American Billboard charts for an incredible nine weeks), 'Savage Garden' hit the #1 slots on both the Australian ARIA and UK album charts before going on to sell 11 times platinum around the world. That same year, the Australian duo won an unprecedented 10 ARIA Awards.

Their sophomore album ‘Affirmation’ matched this success. It produced their second US Billboard #1 with ‘I Knew I Loved You’, and the massive hits ‘The Animal Song’, ‘Affirmation’ and ‘Crash and Burn’.

'Truly Madly, Completely - The Best of Savage Garden' (in stores November 7th – in all markets except Japan (November 1st) and the US (where it will be out early next year)) is a collection of all of the band's chart-topping hits featured alongside two brand new songs from singer-songwriter Darren Hayes ('So Beautiful' and 'California Home'). The first single 'So Beautiful', which Darren co-wrote with Robert Conley and co-produced with top American producer Mark Endert (Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw), will be in stores on October 31st (in those markets that release singles commercially outside the US). Its emotive lyrics and memorable chorus echo the remarkable pop sensibility of Savage Garden, highlighting Hayes's phenomenal ability to captivate and transport his audience - not only with his extraordinary voice, but also with his beautiful turn of phrase and incredible sense of melody. The upcoming single heralds yet another new beginning for Darren Hayes, whose third solo album is set for release in the New Year.

Truly, Madly, Completely

11/30/2005 - They are one of the most successful duos in pop history selling over 23 million albums around the world producing singles that dominated the hit charts. They are undeniably one of Australia's biggest exports in music.

Relive their music and their success as Savage Garden, release their greatest hits album entitled "Truly Madly Completely: The Best Of Savage Garden."

Four years after parting as a group, the album celebrates Savage Garden's songs that became a soundtrack for many during their heyday including "Truly Madly Deeply," "To The Moon and Back," "I Knew I Love You," "I Want You," "The Animal Song" and "Crash And Burn." It also features two new tracks from singer-songwriter Darren Hayes-"So Beautiful" and "California."

Savage Garden, composed of Darren Hayes and Darren Jones, are among the most successful Australian recording artists of all time setting an unprecedented number (10) of Austalian Recording Industry Association Awards in one year. They are also the reigning record-holders for the longest number of weeks on the Monitor/Billboard Adult Contemporary Airplay charts in the US for their singles: "I Knew I Loved You"-124 weeks and "Truly, Madly, Deeply"-123 weeks.

It all started when producer/ multi-instrumentalist Daniel Jones placed as advertisement in a local paper in Australia looking for a vocalist for a band called "Red Edge." Budding singer-songwriter Darren Hayes answered the ad and after one audition, they decide to work together. But Darren and Daniel decided to it alone and formed their new duo Savage Garden (referencing Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles ['The mind of each man is a Savage Garden…'])

"Truly Madly Completely: The Best Of Savage Garden" is now available in CDs everywhere under Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

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