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Name: Daniel Jones
Birthday: July 22, 1973. Born in Essex, London, England.
Star Sign: Leo
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 180cm
Shoe Size: 9
Status: Engaged to Kathleen de Leon
Siblings: Two brothers, both older than him.
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Schooling: Shailer Park High
Pasttimes: Jet-skiing, writing music, on his laptop.
Fave Music: George Michael, Sheryl Crow
Musical Influences: Peter Gabriel, XTC, Tears for Fears
Fave Actress (and ideal woman): Meg Ryan
Fave Songs on first album: To the Moon and Back, Truly Madly Deeply


Daniel Jones 31
$20 million
#49 Brisbane. Daniel Jones, one half of the Australian pop act Savage Garden, has had a quiet few years to think following the break-up of the group in 2001. Unlike Darren Hayes [see separate listing], the other member of Savage Garden, Jones has not embarked on a solo career and has decided to concentrate on building a “creative sanctuary where I can do my future music projects and work with other artists”. In February, it was revealed that Jones had been working on songs with a new artist, Julie Strickland.

Hayes can afford to rest. Between 1997, when Savage Garden released its debut album, and 2001 when the duo split, Hayes and Jones earned gross income of about $97 million thanks to worldwide sales of more that 20 million albums. Despite the group never being considered overly cool — Silverchair once famously threatened to calm an unruly crowd by playing some Savage Garden tunes — the band’s songs were loved in the United States and Australia.

“Funnily enough, I think the songs are more famous than Darren and I are, or Savage Garden is,” Jones says. “The songs have had longevity and they just keep hanging around. It’s a great thing to be famous for what it is you do, rather than who you are.” Indeed, Savage Garden’s final single, I Knew I Loved You stayed in the US charts for 144 weeks, until May 2003 — a full two years after the group split. It remains the longest-running single in US chart history: “It is mind-boggling … I don’t think Australia quite understands it because we don’t understand it,” Jones said at the time.

Jones now lives in Brisbane with his fiancee, Kathleen de Leon (who is a performer with children’s act High-5). Although he once claimed the only thing his fame had brought him in Brisbane was “the odd discount at the bakery”, the local council of the Brisbane suburb of Logan recently recognised Hayes and Jones on their “wall of acclaim” as one of the city’s success stories.



Daniel Jones has a record label Meridian Musik and a publishing company Werk Publishing. Meridian Musik is liscensed exclusively to Roadshow Music, which was the record company for Savage Garden in Australia and New Zealand.

There is only one band signed up to Meridian Musik, and that is the Brisbane based duo Aneiki Daniel has been working with Jodie-Joy (who is based on the sunshine-coast) and has also been working with the Australian duo, Sister2Sister on their second album!. Daniel has also co-written Falling by Australian Duo, Bachelor Girl. This song is on the 2nd Bachelor Girl album, Dysfunctional.

Melbourne band The Wish have signed a lucrative publishing deal with BMG Music Publishing Australia. The album was produced by former Savage Garden Daniel Jones at his Meridien Music Studios in Brisbane. The debut single 'Love is Alive' is playing on radio now.

“It’s not often that I see the same innocence and purity in songwriting that helped me with my career. These songs could easily be a trigger-point that holds you at first listenand then becomes a soundtrack to your life” Daniel says.

Listen to audio clips of the single
The single is on sale now. The self-titled album is scheduled for release late 2005 - “Love Is Alive” Catalogue # LREWSH001.
Source: Lincoln Road Entertainment

Daniel Jones talks about producing music and process of putting together an album. See: Access All Areas

Source: The Sunday Mail, Australia, March 11, 2005
Thanks to Lyn

Rock 'n' Roll - Fast and Furious
Daniel Jones (on I Want You)
"The melody was the original inspiration for this song. We had a little studio in my house. We were just sitting there one day and I came up with the riff and the rhythm. It was a 120 tempo that just sat in your pocket. This is almost a rap or a scat with a white pop sensibility and, of course, a really infectious chorus. There were a couple of other songs we liked at the time - U2's Numb, Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson, and We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel. They all had that rhythmic, fast feel.

"Darren had piles of lyrics. I remember him coming up with the chorus and originally he didn't really think it worked. It was very simple but I thought it was a relief from the heavy, complicated lyrics. The song is all about lust and seduction, the chorus is very direct, very sexy. I think we knew reasonably early that there was something about the song that stood out.

"When you hear your song on the radio for the first time the world kind of stops for three and a half minutes. I remember I was shopping in the city and the girl serving me was humming it. I said to her 'I actually wrote that', and she looked at me like I was lying, maybe even trying to pick her up. I felt like a total idiot. Since then, I've just let the songs speak for themselves."

Daniel Jones' Top 5
1. Crazy by Seal
2. Boys of Summer by Don Henley
3. Yesterday by the Beatles
4. We Will Rock You by Queen
5. I Was Made For Loving You by Kiss

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