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Full Name: Darren Stanley Hayes
Nickname: Daz
Date Of Birth: May, 8, 1972
Birthplace: Brisbane, Australia
Lives in: London, UK [2006]
Status: Used to be married to ex-wife Colby Hayes
Hair Colour: Blonde ( naturally)
Eyes: Blue
Star Sign: Taurus
Chinese sign: Rat
Favourite Author: Anne Rice
Favourite Movies: Star Wars Trilogy
Pet: Wally

On June 19th 2006 Darren married his boyfriend of two years, Richard, in a Civil Partnership ceremony in London


Darren Hayes 32
$24 million
#42 San Francisco. Darren Hayes’ latest solo single, Popular, is a satirical attack on fame in the modern age, which starts with the line “I’ve got a plan to make it rich and famous”. That is something Hayes knows plenty about. As one half of pop group Savage Garden (along with his friend Daniel Jones [see separate listing]), Hayes sold more than 20 million records globally before he and Jones went separate ways in 2001.

So far, Hayes has released one solo album, Spin (March 2001), which sold about 2.5 million copies around the world. His second solo release, The Tension and the Spark, will hit the stores late in September. Although his solo efforts have not achieved the same level of sales as Savage Garden, his manager John Woodruff (who also handled rock bands The Angels and The Baby Animals) claims Hayes is one of only three Australia acts (with Kylie Minogue and AC/DC) that can sell a million albums in a year.

Regardless of how successful Hayes’ solo career might be, he will always be remembered as a member of Savage Garden. In the mid-1990s, Hayes and Jones decided to stop playing cover songs in pubs and gambled on writing their own material. Their self-titled debut album in 1997 took Australia and the United States by storm. Hayes could never quite believe their success; he once told reporters he and Jones were “practising to say things like, ‘Would you like fries with that’, just in case the career doesn’t happen”.

But the $97-million gross income the band made in five years means he might postpone flipping burgers for some time. “It’s better than sex, it’s better than chocolate, its better than anything,” Hayes says of his career. “My job is actually better than my life.”

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