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Darren Hayes Smash Hits Magazine Scan It's been ages since Darren Hayes was the singer for chart-topping band Savage Garden. He may claim to still be popular, but Smash Hits decided to find out just how successful he is by asking The Last Time He…

Played a sold-out gig The last time I toured was Japan, so Nagoya in 2002. I'm probably touring at the end of October in the UK and Europe, and early next year in Australia. Pop Rating 2/5

Was mobbed by fans Yesterday. I've been doing a lot of festivals in the UK. They're a pretty loyal fan base - they turn up when I least expect it. They were at the gate when we left the venue and they attacked the car. We all thought it was pretty funny because that hasn't happened since the 90s. The driver didn't like it, though. Pop Rating 5/5

Had a tabloid scandal Thankfully I haven't had one in a long time. Maybe I haven't had one at all. Maybe when the band broke up. That was a bit tabloid-y. So far, fingers crossed, no tabloid scandals. No surprise weddings planned? Oh, no, I've been married. I beat Britney to that. Unless I reveal I'm actually an alien from outer space then I think I'm pretty safe. Did I just reveal that to Smash Hits? (Laughs) Pop Rating 1/5

Heard himself on the radio Yesterday. Sounds like I'm really up myself! I've got a record out at the moment so it happens. I was in a cab and Popular was on the radio. Did I tell the driver it was me? He wouldn't have believed me. You're forced to sing along to your own song. I think singing that you're willing to "sleep your way to the top" to a cab driver is not the best way to get to your destination on time. Pop Rating 4/5

Was asked to collaborate with someone It was very recently, but I'm not allowed to say who it is yet. It was someone I love and we definitely went into the studio and sang together. It was very exciting but it's a big secret. Pop Rating 4/5

Hung out with other celebs Going into the studio wasn't the last time I hung out with another celebrity, actually. The last time I hung out with a celebrity was with Lenny Kravitz and Delta Goodrem. Pop Rating 5/5

Got a request to use one of his songs in a film It happens more than you would know, but it's usually for cheesy things. The last time I said no to a song in a film was for a Savage Garden song in Scooby-Doo. I think they had Thelma singing Truly Madly Deeply. Daniel and I thought that might be a bit cheesy. Pop Rating 3/5

Got invited to a celeb party Last weekend I got invited to a polo match, but could you imagine me at a polo match? I said no. I don't know what people do there. I went to the movies instead, that was more fun. I went to see I-Robot. I'm a big science fiction fan. The last movie I really loved before that was Spider-Man 2. What was funny was I went to the premiere and got the whole mobbing out of the way, then I went and paid to see the film a few days later. Pop Rating 5/5

Was asked to do charity work Every time I tour I collect money for the Starlight Foundation, because I'm a big supporter of them. I talk about that because they need as much recognition as possible. In general, if I do anything for someone else, I try not to talk about it. Pop Rating 3/5

Got confused for someone else All the time. There was a while when Jurassic Park was out and I had short dark black hair in New York. People thought I looked like Vince Vaughn. Pop Rating 0/5

Went out and wasn't recognised All the time. It's the way I prefer it. If I was always noticed, I'd be a completely different person. The truth is, I'm a terrible celebrity by choice. If I'm working, I'll get dressed up and walk the walk and talk the talk, but when I want my own time, I just put on a baseball cap and don't act like a big wig and nobody notices me. It's fantastic. Pop Rating 0/5

Source: Smash Hits Australia Ocober 2004 Issue