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Dazza charmed the world as one half of Aussie duo Savage Garden in the late 90's with such hits as Truly Madly Deeply and Affirmation. Since they split in 2001, he has notched up two solo albums, Spin and The Tension and the Spark and now he has just dropped a Savage Garden Greatest Hits collection, which also features his new single So Beautiful. Star-Does it bother you that you've been less sucessful as a solo artist than you were as a pasrt of Savage Garden?

Darren-I think it's obvious and expected.Even to have a hit record in the industry at the moment is a good thing. I've sold over 3 million records since I went solo and I'm proud of that.

Star-What happened to your old bandmate Daniel?

Darren-I think he has a studio now and I believe he's happy. It was very deliberate on his behalf to stay in the background.

Star-Are the two of you still mates?

Darren-We're certainly not in touch. Our lives moved in different directions and we had our difficult moments together. I speak to him every now and then.

Star-Savage Garden songs always played in the cafe on neighbours. Was that the personal highlight of your carreer?

Darren-It's always a bit surreal to think your music has made an impact. I met Lenny Kravitz recently but was too shy to say Hello, but he came up to me and told me what a fan he was and knew all these things about my carreer. That was mad.

Star-Let's talk Australian Royalty, Who's your favourite Minogue?

Darren-Kylie, but I love Dannii. I feel for Dannii because she was the first one to get into showbiz in Australia, than all of a sudden Kylie was the superstar. I'm very proud of them both.

Star-There has long been speculation about your sexuality but you've never actually confirmed things one way or another.....

Darren-Well nobody ever asked me outright.

Star-Ok then, are you gay?

Darren-I don't feel it needs to be said. I think it's tacky. I don't like the fact that everybody knows so much about celebrities today. I have a life, and everybody who knows me well knows the answer to that question and unless you want to have sex with me, I don't think you need to know. But I will say that I'm in a relationship.

Star- Don't you think that unless you put the record straight you'll just add fuel to the fire?

Darren-Maybe I like that sense of mystery. I think it says more about the person asking than it does about me!

Star- So you're bi-sexual then?

Darren-See, I think you're trying to get me to talk about it more, but what I will say is I'm not about cliches!

Truly Madly Completely, The Best Of Savage Garden is out now.

Source: Star Magazine
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